How to prepare for tennis

Today we’ll talk about the combat state with which you need to go to court!

Main four aspects:
💥Psychological stability
💥 Courage
💥Faith in your own strength

🤸🏻‍♀️ Concentration. From the very first minute of the game, concentrate on moving around the court. Always at the beginning of the game, there is stiffness of movement and tightness, you need to get used to the rebound of the ball and the rhythm of the game. I will write about rhythm and how to find it later.

💪Psychological stability. In stressful and tense moments of the game (decisive set, tie-break), the main thing is not to let your emotions and passions take over you! During the crisis moments of the game, try to control the situation, draw the right conclusions and rebuild the tactical game plan! Don’t whine or dwell on factors you can’t control. (“freebie”, wind, judge, rival).

🙈Courage. Never show your weakness to your opponent. An experienced player can see this, be “the director and actor of your game.” Regardless of the score and how the opponent won the point, act indifferent. Suddenly you made a mistake, act like nothing happened. Return to the place of delivery (or reception) with your head up, even gait, with the racket up! Excellent endurance demonstrates Novak Djokovic. Learn from professionals and always show your opponent your courage and confidence!

🌞Faith in your own strength. Always be confident in yourself! Do not think about the score, about the audience, about the opponent, just play and show everything you can and do it extremely confidently! The player who can impose his game on the opponent has a decisive advantage! Play and enjoy!