Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, it belongs to the elite sports. Many famous and successful people play tennis and this is a good prospect for your child in the future.

Tennis develops coordination, agility, reaction to the moving object, the balance will involve almost all muscle groups. Tennis is a beautiful and intelligent game which develops thinking and analytical mind, not for nothing tennis is called chess in motion. Let us not forget tennis for 80 percent consists of psychology, so the game of tennis coaches patience, sense of responsibility for making their own decisions and the power of will.
Our tennis school has the opportunity of tennis lessons for children aged three years and elder, regardless their skill and physical qualities. Classes are held at a convenient time, in the largest tennis club in Latvia. Trainings are held in the Tk Enri Kalnciema and Tk Enri Vaidavas.

For students, regular tournaments, sports and educational camps and sporting events are provided. We are a large and friendly family. Giving a child into our tennis school, you can be assured of their physical and psychological development. Our team is made of qualified coaches who love tennis and their job.

Come and see it yourself, the first lesson is for free!