About tennis tournaments

Tennis is a rather specific sport. It does not have a summer and winter season, and tournaments take place throughout the year. During one tennis season, there are many equivalent tournaments in different countries of the world and the participants often have to move.
When planning the tennis season and trips to tournaments, pay attention to:
💥 the general physical condition of the player, as well as his peaks and valleys
💥Court coverage
💥 distances and times between tournaments
💥player experience
💥Psychological health of the player
💥quality, not quantity of training
💥clear distribution of duties and responsibilities
💥healthy and nutritious food at tournaments
💥detailed luggage planning
💥 tensioning rackets before the trip and having your own windings at tournaments
💥presence of good, comfortable and proven sneakers
Sometimes it is impossible to find “your” racket and suitable sneakers on a trip, and the rest can be bought there
💥Have all necessary documents
💥 the presence of several bank (payment) cards for different accounts, so that in case of loss or blocking of one, funds remain available, or better, always have cash!
💥checking the tournament regulations 5 days in advance and 1 day in advance is a must! (covid-time)
💥 having several of your own balls
And, of course, take a small thing with you that will remind you of the comfort of home away from it!🇱🇻🤸🏻‍♀️🙏