Every year commitment to a healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular. The practice of sport is now fashionable and prestigious. Serious senior managers and executives of companies understand that the tone of the employee has a direct impact on its performance. Striving for a healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits, and promotion of sports – unconditional development trend of all civilized countries of the world. Corporate sports – is a versatile tool for team building, developing team spirit and loyalty, improve employee health, increase their efficiency, create a positive psychological climate. As a result – success, stability and prosperity of the business. One of the most popular areas of corporate sport is tennis.
Tennis it is a great opportunity to maintain excellent physical shape, it develops coordination and reaction involves a large number of muscles, supports and strengthens the respiratory system, promotes the production of “happiness hormone” – endorphins. Tennis training develops tactical and strategic ability of the player, teaches to memorize, analyze and make instant decisions. From a psychological point of view, tennis is a perfect relaxant, relieves emotional and physical stress at the same time. We offer a corporate tennis practice. Group training will bring health benefits and also will serve as an excellent way to maintain a friendly atmosphere within the team.
We will develop a plan for you and your employees considering and respecting the wishes of the intensity, time, and number of employees.
Please contact us any way you want, leave information on your interest and we will contact you in a short time.