Sports camp for children is a good opportunity for your child to plunge into the sporting and friendly atmosphere of sports and celebration! We hold a different camp plan, all camps are held in the largest and modern tennis club Enri

* Camp for 5 hours, which implies 2 trainings and lunch. During the lunch break, childrennot only have dinner, but play various developmental games.

* Camp day, lasts from 10a.m. to 6 p.m. and is held during the summer holidays. It is designed for all-sided development of your child. During the day, the child will not only learn to play tennis, but also attend classes in gymnastics, trampoline, which will help to develop dexterity, coordination and balance. The program includes familiarization with the basics of beach tennis, which is used as a game and physical training for the work of legs and strength training for tennis players – Jurmala, he sea, the beach – your child will be charged with energy and a good mood for the near future. In addition to the childs physical development, we will take care of his intellectual abilities. The camp program includes English classes, board games and many other entertainments in your free time from training. In our camp, we take care of the whole development of your child.

* Additional information- the camp is held at the Enri Club, lunches at Mara Hotels, where a comprehensive menu is served for every day and there is an afternoon snack at the club restaurant Enri. On request one day per week, in the program there is a visit to the zoo.

Children from 5-18 years old are admitted to the camp …

Our mission is to create a friendly atmosphere for an active and healthy lifestyle!

Our slogan is – the world of tennis for all!

We are waiting for you!!